Platinum is strong, it’s strength and durability ensure that it will securely hold your precious stones. Platinum is resistant to wear and never wears out. It is extremely dense and is a heavier metal than gold or silver.

Platinum is bright and is naturally white, its lustre enhances the brilliance of all stones. Platinum will maintain its high degree of shine unlike other white metals that will eventually tarnish or turn slightly yellow.

Platinum is modern and with the high degree of reflectivity and white lustre it is a popular trend however platinum will always be stylish and sleek.

Platinum is pure, 95%-96% pure compared with 18-carat gold, which is only 75% pure. Platinum’s high degree of purity makes it hypo allergic.

Platinum is precious, it has rarity, purity and strength. Platinum has ambiance and class; it is superior to all other metals. These and other unique qualities of platinum make it the most precious of all jewellery metals.

Platinum is rare and is only mined in only a few places in the world – principally Africa, Russia and the USA. Only 65 tonnes of platinum compared to 3,300 tonnes of gold are used to create jewellery in the world each year.

Platinum is identified with the hallmark PT, PLAT or 950PT

Platinum is not white gold, white gold has been alloyed from yellow gold and other metals such as palladium, silver and nickel. White gold usually has a rhodium plating over the surface to give it the platinum appearance, this plating will wear off with wear over a relatively minimal amount of time. To keep white gold looking its best it is recommended that it has the rhodium plating re-applied, therefore requiring continuous attention to keep the piece of white gold jewellery looking its best. Platinum does not need any form of rhodium plating.