quartz,amethyst,dumorterite,gold obsidian,labradorite

Fresh into Adorn Jewels today!

This morning we were a little excited when this batch of pretties arrived in store! They are destined to be earrings – but if you’re quick we can reserve a pair for you to make to your very own specifications!

From left to right:

Gold Obsidian – bold black with a beautiful gold shimmer, watch these twinkle in the light!

Green Quartz – these speak for themselves – these would look great in yellow or white gold! A perfect emerald alternative.

Amethyst – This ever popular gemstone looks stunning as long style drops – the natural inclusions tell a story of their origins under the earth!

Dumorterite – this little known gemstone wont stay that way if we have something to do with it! The rich blue colour is swirled with darker and lighter tones for a beautiful effect. A new staff favourite in the making…

Labradorite – A beautiful, mysterious gemstone – they look different every time you look at them! They have blue, green, grey and black tones, and would match many an outfit.

Fresh into Adorn Jewels today!