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Adorn Jewels Has December Birthdays Covered

With all the hubbub of Christmas, those born in December can sometimes have their special day pushed to the back burner, we’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen!

It’s all about the blues for December. This month we’re celebrating turquoise, topaz and tanzanite! Tanzanite does not last long at Adorn, come into the shop to have a chat, we’re able to source something amazing for you!

Turquoise has been well loved for years – but we have something extra special for you…  A beautiful pair of Sleeping Beauty turquoise drops ready to be made into a stunning pair of earrings custom designed for you. The sleeping beauty turquoise is mined in only one location – Arizona USA, and is so named as a mountain near the mine is said to resemble a sleeping woman. They are prized for their gorgeous pure blue colour and lack of veining. These are truly rare and stunning – it will be a lucky lady indeed who adorns these!

It’s hard to miss the Breuning sterling silver earrings – aren’t these fabulous! Something for the lady who loves something fun and a little unusual! There are matching pieces available too – birthday and Christmas covered in one fell swoop!

Also pictured are a beautiful pair of sparkling topaz briolettes (brand new in store this week) and an oval light blue topaz stone that would look gorgeous as the centrepiece of a ring!

Breuning Sterling Silver Earrings with Topaz – $405

Topaz Briolettes –  $420 (pair)

Oval facetted Topaz – $60

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise – $1060 (pair)

Adorn Jewels Has December Birthdays Covered