For over 20 years, I have been at the forefront of jewellery design with a retail shopfront and now invite you to join me the next stage of the Adorn Jewels journey, both locally , nationally and world wide, with my online store and at home design service.
Adorn Jewels showcases unique pieces that I have personally selected from the finest local and international suppliers. Crafted from materials such as platinum, gold and silver and set with precious gemstones in an array of colours.
Jewellery by appointment –Allow me to take you through designs based on your specific requirements to create jewellery that is truly unique. My hand drawn sketches will allow you to visualise your designer piece of jewellery before it is given to our workshop to be hand made
I’m proudly a wife and mother along with being South Australian ,
endorsing and utilising many local Australian businesses.
Jewellery has the capacity to reflect your individual style so let me complete your look with some dazzling final touches.
Penelope Gilbert
Bachelor of Design in Jewellery.
“Jewellery is the ultimate expression of individual style”